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Fruits Section Inside A Supermarket

Difference between Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

Both the markets are shopping centres, where the consumer needs are fulfilled by purchasing food, groceries, household supplies and more.

A Supermarket- Here, the products are arranged in a systematic manner on shelves; moreover, similar kinds of items are arranged next each other so that the consumer can compare the quality and price between the brands and decide which to purchase.

A Hypermarket-This store is comparatively larger, and is divided into departments. Hypermarkets contain all products under one roof which includes groceries, furniture, toys and more stuff which fulfils the requirements of the consumer.


The difference;

  1. Size
  • Supermarket happens to be quite large as they showcase various products and different brands of those products which in turn increase the quantity of shelves.
  • Hypermarkets though, happen to be larger, as it contains both shelves and huge departments of several products.


  1. Prices
  • Supermarkets charge a bit higher as they try to give their customers an exquisite experience whilst shopping. Whereas, items in hypermarkets are priced moderately lower, which encourages many people to go and buy stuff at the wholesale price.


  1. Interior Decor
  • The interior design of supermarket is quite distinctive with its attractive colours and graphics. At times, certain colours and graphics represent certain company or product, which is known as method marketing. Hence, making the place look more charmingly impressive
  • The decor of a hypermarket is not so appealing, and fails to catch the attention of the consumers. They resemble warehouses and people usually go there just to buy the needed products and not as a refreshment.


  1. kid sitting in a shopping cartCustomer experience and services
  • Another factor that distinguishes these markets is the service. As early as Woolies open, they tend to give its buyers a warm welcome and personal touch. Also their layout is pleasantly warm which attracts more number of purchasers. Unlike hypermarket, this does not concentrate or contribute to consumer welfare or their experiences.


  1. Offers on festive seasons
  • During special occasions, the charm of supermarkets goes higher as they decorate their store and even introduce exciting games. They offer various discount deals and even free small gifts with the products. The hypermarket though does not create such atmosphere as they do not have marketing strategies or such promotion plans.


  1. Reservations
  • Although, if the number of hypermarkets increases, it is helpful as many people find all the required stuff at reasonable prices here. But several business people and economist are against this idea as it in a way threatens the small retail work in its region and their existence. Supermarket on the other hand is encouraged as it does not prove to be a threat to any such business as they tend to charge higher for their products; also it gives a good overall experience to the buyers.


  1. Frills
  • Supermarket is more aggressive when it comes to marketing and gaining profit from the consumers. Whereas, hypermarket does not concentrate much on attracting people as their main motive is to sell the products in a cost-effective manner.

Both markets are great at their own place and you have to visit them according to your needs, considering which store satisfies your needs in a better manner.




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