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Five Simple House Chores that Burn Calories

To stay healthy and fit, moreover, to burn calories and fat, you don’t need to join a gym. You can go home! That’s right, you heard me. Being at home and performing few every day and straightforward tasks such as daily household chores can burn more and enough calories to get your heart pumping, blood circulating and fat dripping. Examples of a few everyday duties that can cause the same effect of an intense workout are listed below.


Instead of slacking away time and energy lying down on your couch and looking at the 6-inch screen held on your palm, go out and do something better and beneficial to you and your environment. Gardening is a perfect solution. It helps you take your mind off other things, ease your emotions and work your mind and body. Working under the hot temperatures, racking, pulling out the unwanted weeds, digging in the soil using varied types of equipment of different weights will help you stack up on your muscles and strengthen it.


Painting does not involve any heavy tool or equipment lifting. It does, however, include more of a cardio work out as it raises the heart rate when sliding the brush with the utmost precision and tension. This elevated heart rate will guarantee to burn your calories and can play a significant factor and keeping you fit.


Ever notice people sweat when they sweep? That’s because this underrated and straightforward chore stresses and lays emphasis on your muscles and stretches the body with the to and fro continuous movement when cleaning the floor and under various objects.

Washing your car

Washing your vehicle can be a great way to get those calories burning. So coming to clean your car with a bucket of water, soap and cloth are equivalent to equipment. Wiping the car with the cloth in a circular movement is bound to make you sweat and ache, strengthening your muscles and giving you an intense workout.

Cleaning your house

Cleaning your entire house can be the total workout needed for the body. Cleaning the house from top to bottom is bound to make your body ache to lead you to intense cardio and muscle aching workout. Taking regular intervals in between is a sort of interval training regime too. Committing to this weekly exercise can get your body up and running.

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