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Getting Value for Your Party With Paella Catering in Sydney

Offering a delicious warm spread for a swarm of party guests is no easy task.

Feeding friends and family members for a gathering is easier for some homes than others, but there is a cuisine that allows for quality and quantity to be sourced through the same provider.

Services for the best paella catering in Sydney give city-based clients the chance to book a package that will satisfy the cravings, cater to all demographics and leave enough room for seconds and leftovers.

What would first originate in the Spanish region of Valencia would soon spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world, so why shouldn’t Sydneysiders enjoy what this dish has to offer?


Feeding the Masses

From small family gatherings on a weekend to a broadcast of the local footy game or a major party for an engagement or birthday party, paella catering in Sydney allows residents to be fed on mass. From a handful to a dozen or literally hundreds of participants, all that is required from the cook is enough outlets and kitchen space to work their magic. This is usually where the host will offer finger food or tell their guests it is a BYO event, but paella ensures that tummies will be filled.


Healthy Option

So much of our food consumption with gatherings big or small is fast and often unhealthy. That drive-thru mentality where pre-packaged orders are the item of the day in the city can easily be put to one side with paella catering in Sydney. This Spanish cuisine is not just delicious, but it includes many healthy properties. That will allow guests who are on a diet or watching their sugar and preservative intake to eat up without fearing for the consequences. Packed with olive oil and onion, tomatoes, rice, seafood and healthy greens, it will match all types of dietary requirements including vegetarians and those wanting a good dose of protein.


Quick Turnaround Time

Paella catering in Sydney is a service that does not necessarily require months or even weeks booking in advance (although the sooner the booking, the easier the process). One single pan for a residential cook only requires 20 minutes with an additional 10 minutes of oven cooking. That time will need to be scaled up if there are dozens or hundreds of guests, but the more heating elements are available, the quicker the turnaround time can be for a simultaneous cook. Compare this to even a homemade roast that can incorporate at least 90-120 minutes in the oven just for the meat alone.


Value For Money

With a sliding scale of packages on offer, paella catering in Sydney is value for money. Sourcing another type of cuisine in meal form that can offer healthy and hearty dishes will usually set homeowners back hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on their volume. With the quantity that can be packed in with this meal thanks to a sizeable pan, more plates are filled in quicker time than the average food option. Residents don’t often think in terms of return on investment for party planning, but this is a winner on all fronts.


Low Overheads and Logistics

When calling up paella catering in Sydney to book in a placement, all that is needed is a comfortable kitchen space. There is no cleanup concerns. There is no need to source ingredients. There is rarely a need to discuss eating requirements or dietary concerns. The equipment comes ready to go as the experienced and skilled teams specialising in paella catering in Sydney cover all of their bases for their client well in advance.


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