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How Solicitors Can Assist Their Client For Family Court in Sydney

A family court in Sydney is the legal setting where the terms of a separation are played out.

These events can take multiple years until an outcome is reached, but that should not leave room for complacency.

Here we will look at the role of The Norton Law Group in these environments and illustrate why they are required for clients who are trying to manage this process as best as they can.


Managing The Paperwork

From signing an affidavit, issuing a financial statement or making the application for a divorce, experienced solicitors are in a position to manage the paperwork logistics through family court in Sydney. These are documents that should not be touched by people who are not aware of their significance or value as the cost of making an error on these forms can be long lasting. This are the small details that are regularly overlooked by a spouse but they can be the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy outcome.


Influencing The Judge

The judge will be the independent arbiter of the entire process within the family court in Sydney. Although the process will be extended over the span of a number of months and even years, they will be able to outline how the facts of the case work in their client’s favour and simply act in a courteous and professional manner. Any faults that are evident in this regard with opposition counsel will hamper their case, even if that should only occur subconsciously. This will be a test of their persuasive qualities and capacity to highlight the weaknesses in the opposition and the strengths they have.


Finding Effective Means of Mediation

Family court in Sydney is a domain where key mediation is likely to happen. In the wake of a legal separation as each spouse attempts to move on, both parties have to come together to find common ground and reach a set of terms that everyone can sign off on. There will be cases whereby one spouse has committed an offence or there is the threat of extra litigation, giving the other side leverage during negotiations. By mediating and making concessions on certain items and advocating strongly for others, the two sides are able to avoid a costly and lengthy legal fight.


Being Present For Key Dates

The very presence of a skilled solicitor for hearings and judgment dates are vital in the context of family court in Sydney. These environments are completely alien for many citizens who are engaging in the justice system for the very first time. Being present for these moments is key, outlining when to stand, when to sit, what to say, what not to say, how to present yourself and what techniques they advise to stay calm and relaxed during proceedings. This can be a very tense and anxious practice for many individuals, so these words of advice do carry weight.


Working on Short-to-Medium Planning

lawyer and client talking

Depending on what the outcome can be from a family court in Sydney, a client may very well need to manage their affairs or seek alternative measures. If that initial ruling is unfavourable then there can be course of action that contests the ruling. Rather than taking an immediate kneejerk reaction, an experienced solicitor will schedule additional meetings and outline a short and medium-term plan of attack that works around a sound strategy for their client.



Hiring an experienced solicitor for representation for family court in Sydney is paramount. The stakes for the spouse are almost always high and if there is child custody or financial assets at play, it will pay to have a skilled operator working away in the corner. These representatives are judged by the Sydney community and their peers, so it will be straightforward selecting the best practitioners in the business.


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