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Parents! Know these basics of internet

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World Wide Web has become famous all over the world and a lot of youngsters are also under the influence of internet. But, making sure that they do not get exposed anything unwanted becomes the responsibility of the parents. Let us quickly check the top 5 things which parents should be taking care of when they ask their children to use internet.

  1. Lock

Children these days access mobile phones easily and they would be aware of all the operations. Hence, having a child lock for the internet application is mandatory for parents to follow.

  1. Children friendly applications

There are certain applications which are made exclusively for children and such apps can be installed for children and this can allow them to safely browse and get the information that they need.

  1. Keep a watch

You must always make sure to keep a tab on the things which you are children are accessing through internet. There could be some inappropriate websites which they may have visited through internet and these things can be checked by accessing the history of the browser.

  1. Remember to clear the cache

Always remember to clear the cache before you handover your laptop or mobile phone to your children as they may contain some inappropriate links. Kids should never be exposed to such things at a very early age as they may get addicted to it quickly.

  1. Check the interest levels

There are some children who would be inclined towards games, music or any other creative things. Hence, checking for the creative levels of your children can help you install the right application for them. As a parent it becomes your duty to raise your child with good manners and teaching them the netiquette is also part of it.

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