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Red Flags To Avoid When Shopping For a Leather Sofa

There are some major red flags to look out for when consumers are on the lookout for a Desired Living quality leather sofa.

These items offer a number of benefits to home and business owners alike, from prestige and elegance for a space to comfort and relaxation.

Given the level of quality on show by authentic brands in this industry, there will always be dodgy outlets and manufacturers who attempt to hoodwink customers.

Certain individuals will make assumptions about the value of a sofa without checking to see if it is indeed authentic leather or if there are provisions that are included in the fine print that places them at risk.

Here we will identify what to look out for and be mindful of when shopping for these brands.


Lack of a Grainy Feel and Musky Smell

The bumps and grains that are felt across a leather sofa is not a signal to raise a red flag – quite the opposite. This is a sign that the material is genuine. Shoppers should be alarmed if the “leather” is smooth and clean with no bumps or inconsistencies whatsoever. By getting up close and personal to the item, users can also get a whiff of the product and examine if there is a musky smell that is offered only via leather brands. Those cheaper knock-offs will produce a chemical odour that is used to create a clean aesthetic.


No Sample Swatch

To test out the credibility of a genuine leather sofa, customers should be able to access a sample swatch from a provider to see if it is indeed authentic material. By stretching and feeling for the markings, this will ensure that there haven’t been any cosmetic alterations that masks a faux brand masquerading as the real thing. That service allows people to go a step further – applying the water test to the sample. If the leather is authentic, the water will seep into the pours and be absorbed into the material. If it is a fake knock-off, it will sit firmly on the surface. This activity cannot be undertaken with the full product in store for obvious reasons.


Back of Sofa Has a Different Look and Feel

Sometimes the devil is in the detail. Whilst shoppers are all consumed by sitting on the leather sofa and getting a touch and feel for the product, they forget to take a look under the bonnet, or more specifically in this case, behind the back. This is where a faux item can show its true colours, offering a consistent and clean plastic aesthetic that papers over the design. That grainy and imperfect feel that was discussed earlier should apply around the entire lounge.


No Safe Delivery Method

After all of the logistics that has to be managed and undertaken to source a suitable leather sofa, it is frustrating to find an outlet that won’t offer a safe or secure delivery method. These items are sensitive when it comes to incurring damage, with a simple scratch costing hundreds to repair. This is why a local business should be able to ensure that they take this stress away from the consumer and provide a safe and secure service that places the item in the ideal location for the home or business owner. With a team of delivery drivers ready to arrive on site and maneuver through any tight spaces, lifts or hallways, this is a task that requires diligence and care.


No Warranty Protection

leather sofa

A quality leather sofa can set home and business owners back hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the brand. To avoid an expensive second purchase, retailers must issue a comprehensive warranty that protects the integrity of the item. The absence of this policy should raise concerns for shoppers who don’t want the stress of conditioning and maintaining the goods around the clock.


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