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The Client Value of Engaging a Tree Inventory Service

Professional contractors and businesses that offer a tree inventory for local communities give their clients essential data on the health and integrity of their landscape.

It is common for trees to be left neglected or exposed, but with the assistance of expert operators in the field, participants have an opportunity to address issues before they become unsustainable.

Arborists and horticulture specialists offer these provisions for homes and businesses, ensuring that correct protocol is followed and that any future removal or treatments have been scientifically studied.

We will outline the advantages for people to source inventories for their trees from these professional parties.

Protecting Health & Integrity of Tree Structure

Access to a tree inventory is vital for those clients who want to protect the integrity of their landscape. From the intervention of birds and pests to the use of poor soil, extensive pruning, root damage, flooding, lack of oxygen, lack of sunlight and beyond, there can be a range of ailments that prevent organic growth and development. By sourcing an inventory specialist, clients have the chance to document progression and source effective treatments that give a tangible solution.

Addressing Short & Long-Term Structural Conditions

One of the key components to accessing a tree inventory for local clients is to address structural conditions for the short and the long-term of the property. Some of these components will simply require pruning around the edges and basic watering procedures to maintain a healthy condition. Others will require more extensive support, highlighting structural faults that lie with the planting, the soil, the surrounding vegetation and any interference from electrical wiring or building infrastructure.

Reducing Liability on Property Owners

worker inspecting a tree

When home and business owners neglect their property and decide to avoid a service like one that is offered by tree inventory operators, they can be liable for cost and for damage. In many cases, these incidents will only impact the one family or the one business, but trees that happen to fall across neighbour’s yards, onto adjacent commercial buildings or on a public premises will create a legal headache. With certification sourced from these providers, there is a degree of protection from liability.

Cost Saving Measures

Although it can feel like an intrusive cost at the time, the use of a tree inventory service allows property owners to better manage their expenditure. Much like personal health costs can escalate when issues are neglected, the earlier a solution is implemented, the lower the overall investment for the participant. It is money well spent when compared to the decay and damage that is discovered for other locations.

Client Education

There will be participants who are happy to see specialists carry out tree inventory programs in isolation, but it is an exercise that can educate community members about risks and opportunities in equal measure. Sometimes the health of the roots and the trees are acceptable, but it is the composition of the species and placement of the items that can create a challenge for local constituents. By working with these experienced practitioners, men and women begin to gauge what constitutes best practice.

Assisting With Future Projects

When it comes to the development of properties, it is beneficial to access extensive history and firsthand data sets about trees. In the absence of that framework, mistakes can be made about how vegetation is managed and what solutions can be put in place for the benefit of the environment.


The good news for constituents who are in the market for a tree inventory service is that they can identify local operators online and source an obligation-free quote. Run a search for providers in the area and see what they have to offer in the way of inventories.


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