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What to look for in Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

Have you been charged with an offence against the law? Do you know someone in this situation? When it comes to choosing one from the many practicing criminal lawyers in Sydney, it’s essential to find someone who’s best suited to both the case and the individual to be represented.

But what should you be looking for in order to make the right choice? We’ve thrown some things to get you started on weighing up your options…


  1. Experience

First of all, if a particular individual from the pool of criminal lawyers in Sydney has been recommended to you, the first thing you can look up (this should be published information), is how many years they have been practicing as a lawyer.

Years of experience is important in establishing credibility and trust. However what’s arguably more important is relevant experience. For example, years spent working the in the tax law department won’t be particularly helpful when it comes to your specific charges in the courtroom…


  1. References

To verify you’ve got an experienced, credible solicitor on your side, talk to others.If criminal lawyers in Sydney have a good reputation among clients, friends, and trusted associates, that is a good sign. By that, we mean more good recommendations than bad, as no one is perfect and there will always be unhappy clients.


  1. Passion

Advising and representing you on a case is exceptionally important, which is why it’s all the more important to find the  criminal lawyers in Sydney that are in it because they love their job and not just for the money.

This way you can be assured they will deliver thoroughly and with care for your individual needs, and not simply working by the book, half-heartedly. You will see a high quality job done by those with passion and ambition for their work.


  1. Relatable

This situation you are going through is already a stressful one, and it’s not going to make it easier with criminal lawyers in Sydney that don’t build rapport with you. How does your potential solicitor make you feel? Are they pressuring you into decisions or making you feel uneasy in anyway?


  1. Understandable

Additionally, are they clear? Are they speaking in specific legal jargon, or explaining everything in a way that makes sense to you? It can be very difficult to think about your options yourself when you don’t have a clear idea about. Decisions in regard to your case can’t be made ambiguously, and rather, with a solid knowledge and confidence.

Find criminal lawyers in Sydney that will explain all available options with clarity, for example sentencing discretions.


  1. Confident and realistic

Even in the most prepared for of cases, there is always going to be uncertainty about responses in court, and ultimately, the outcome. This can be nerve-wracking, so you need criminal lawyers in Sydney who are sure of their own ability to build a strong though realistic case. Empty promises and expectations may be very disappointing.

On this note, communication between your solicitor and various parties is inevitable, be that with you, prosecutors, witnesses and judges. So, they need to be confident (not arrogant) in obtaining and conveying the necessary information.


  1. Up to date

In the current age, which such events as the diversifying use of digital technologies, there are changes the law, types of issues, and the ways we respond to these. These are every changing as they adapt to the times. It is thus essential for criminal lawyers in Sydney to be up to speed on recent cases and legislation.







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