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When Brands Can Claim They Sell The Best Massage Chair

Brands like inTouch Massage Chairs will be more than happy to market their product as the ‘best massage chair’ to consumers, but how do shoppers really know if that is the case?

Will anyone every really know or will enough customers take these businesses at face value without asking the right questions?

Let’s identify when a company can legitimately claim that they have the best chair.


Heat Therapy

Of all of the features that transitions a standard massage chair to the best massage chair, the heating therapy inclusion is right up there. When this application is switched on, users are able to see first hand an improved level of blood flow to reduce swelling and heal muscles where there can be tension held in the body. Rather than being a fun inclusion for those cold winter nights, there is a fundamental medical science element as well to alleviate pain and improve sleep patterns, key categories that set it apart from out of date models.


Rollers For Kneading Phase

Customers can pay good money off the street to receive a kneading massage, seeing specialists apply a rolling apparatus that pushes and squeezes the muscles. The best massage chair on the market will have this feature as a signature inclusion from the brand, utilising a motor that operates the movement in the core areas of the back and spine. Spinal alignment, back pain and posture are issues at the forefront of investing in these items and it is through the kneading phase that these objectives can be achieved.


Built-In MP3 Player

The best massage chair on the market should not just be for old people with bad backs. These items can be luxurious and entertaining household assets that give users a chance to enjoy their favourite tunes as they sit back and utilise the other features. It is now commonplace for outlets to throw in a built-in mp3 player with the product, giving shoppers the chance to integrate their own musical playlist during their experience. From jazz and classical and rap and hip-hop, pop, R&B, hard rock, metal, dance and alternative – the taste in musical selection is entirely up to the consumer to decide how they want to compliment the rest and relaxation tone.


Automated User Options

When homeowners have invested in the best massage chair on the market, they won’t want to sit up from the chair in order to shift and alter the manner of the seating arrangement, the heating, the music, the kneading or other features. In 2019 there is a need to have these choices decided at the touch of a button. The top brands in this industry will give users an automated apparatus where changes can be made from a remote control. That will empower shoppers to enjoy their experience without compromising on their comfort, remaining in a steady seated position throughout.


Comprehensive Extended Warranty Inclusion

Consumers know that investing in the best massage chair on the market is not cheap and given this outlay, it is important that shoppers are protected if something goes array. From lost property or damage during transport to any stains, rips or functional faults that take place within the first few years, a comprehensive extended warranty should be included as part of the package. That will entice homeowners to return that same level of trust from the business towards the product and opt-in in the knowledge that they have the customer’s interests at heart. Amid all of the glitz and glamour through these gadgets, it can be the unglamourous warranty that makes it the full package.



Brands do not have to stop there to be considered the best massage chair, throwing in foot extensions and offering a variety of colour schemes and materials to really set themselves apart from the competition. However, these features allow shoppers to opt into the item 100% by offering a degree of medical aid and assistance with relaxation, entertainment and comfort.


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